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For over 75 years, MMH has been the trusted legal advisor of private and corporate clients. With 5 branches spread across the greater Cape Town area and a team of 30 attorneys, MMH is able to provide expert legal services in most spheres of law.  


In a constitutional democracy, where the Rule of Law is a cornerstone of our society, you are likely to be faced with a litigious matter, whether you are the plaintiff in the matter, or you are summoned to appear in Court. We know that navigating the Courts of law can be an intimidating and complex process and that is why our experienced litigators take pride in using their experience to guide you through the process is a simple and effective manner.

Property Law and Conveyancing

We have a well-established Conveyancing and Property Law practice attending to property transfers and bond registrations for individuals as well as commercial clients. We has assisted in various forms of property transfers ranging from new developments to state expropriations to ordinary sales of residential property.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Commercial law encompasses the broad legal framework surrounding business, trade, commerce, sales, and consumer transactions. These areas of business often overlap and can become a complex legal spider’s web. Our commercial lawyers understand the commercial world and have advised both large corporate clients and smaller start-ups on how to navigate the commercial landscape.

Dispute Resolution

Litigation is notoriously expensive considering the time and resources parties expend on prosecuting claims through our court systems. Success in litigation is also never guaranteed and our experienced attorneys will advise their client’s on when alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanism should be exhausted first before resorting to litigation.

Employment Law

Employment law is a complex legal area in South Africa since it is highly regulated by inter-related forms of legislation. Employers and Employees therefore require specialist, up-to-date and practical legal advice to guide them on a wide range of labour law issues.

Our Labour Attorneys have many years of experience in the field of labour law and are able to provide you with comprehensive and focussed advice. The firm has an enviable reputation for delivering high quality services and positive outcomes for our clients in the employment law arena and we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a complete portfolio of employment related legal services.

Administrative Law

Administrative Law deals with the exercise of State power and the actions of administrative bodies which may impact on your rights. In a constitutional democracy like South Africa, all decisions by an administrative body must be lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair.

The MMH team have decades of experience in navigating the complex field of administrative law and are highly specialised in niche areas of law such as Liquor Law, Road Transportation Matters, Aviation law, Contestation of Tender outcomes, and Municipal disputes.

Family Law

We believe that relationships between people are the cornerstone of society. We understand that relationships can take on many facets – whether it be between married spouses, children and parents, co-habitees or same sex relationships. We also understand that relationships can deteriorate, and that this is accompanied by great uncertainty, potential financial loss and conflicting emotions. Therefore, in this human centred area of law we strive to handle every matter with the utmost respect, care and confidentiality.

Debt Collection

The payment (or non-payment) of monies is the core issue of most legal disputes and the collection of outstanding debts is a critical component of any business and personal wealth. Legal action to collect debt must therefore be robust and focus on the collection of outstanding debt in the most efficient and cost-sensitive manner.

We understand that the collection of outstanding debt requires a layered approach and therefore we offer soft-collections services through our dedicated call centre for large book debts. We also offer team-based legal services for the collection of outstanding debt to ensure that should a legal process ensue, the pressure is maintained to prosecute your claim to finality as quickly as possible.

Trusts, Wills and Deceased Estates

Getting your affairs in order is something that many people put off until tomorrow. At MMH, our team has vast experience in the drafting of wills, administrative of estates and registrations of trusts. We therefore aim to provide you with the most effortless service for all your estate planning needs.