Lawyers Associated Worldwide

Lawyers Associated Worldwide

Established in 1989, Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) is a network of more than 100 independent business law firm operating in 188 jurisdictions around the world. The international network offers clients a global resource of 4,500 individual lawyers ready to address challenges no matter where they arise.

Membership in LAW is by invitation only. Member firms are thoroughly vetted and chosen because of their commitment to client service. The law firms in the network are well known and respected in their local and regional markets. They serve a wide variety of sizes and types of private and public clientele. They are all successful, independent law firms, each with its own unique attributes and knowledge of local markets.

Marais Muller Hendricks Incorporated is a proud and longstanding member firm of LAW. At Marais Muller Hendricks we find that in today’s globalized world, our clients have family, property or business interests outside South Africa hence our LAW membership means we have direct access to a global resource of lawyers for problems outside of South Africa’s borders. We work closely with our colleagues in the LAW network across North America, Europe, South America, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region to provide our clients with efficient legal representation in all their cross border operations.

The appointment of Clive Hendricks as one of three LAW regional representatives to Europe, Africa, and Middle East Region significantly enhances the firm’s presence on the global stage. For more information on Lawyers Associated Worldwide, click here.

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